Twitter Files: Elon Musk leaks old top-secret chats around censorship on Twitter

Twitter Files: Elon Musk leaks old top-secret chats around censorship on Twitter

Twitter Files: Elon Musk
Twitter Files: Elon Musk


The Twitter archives shed light on a specific incident from the year 2020 involving US President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. The creator of Twitter Files alleged that the social media platform had gone above and beyond to bury a report from The New York Post.

The “Twitter Files,” which Elon Musk published, revealed high-level private conversations between former Twitter executives. A specific incident from 2020 involving US President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is clarified by the Files. A few hours prior to the “expose” being made exclusively on Twitter, Elon Musk began counting down. The discussion was directed by the new Twitter CEO to Matt Taibbi’s official account, where he had just published “the first in a series, based upon thousands of internal documents obtained by sources at Twitter,” also known as Twitter files.


It was described as “a Frankensteinian tale of a human-built mechanism grown out of control of its designer” by Taibbi, the author of Twitter Files.


The conversations surrounding the censorship of a story published in the New York Post are discussed in Part 1 of Twitter Files. Details about what was on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop were revealed in the report.


Screenshots of conversations between some former Twitter executives, such as former policy chief Vijaya Gadde and former Trust and safety chief Yoel Roth, were posted by Taibbi. Regarding the policy guiding the censorship of The New York Post’s story on Hunter Biden, there is evident disagreement among some executives.


The White House Office that Donald Trump was in received harsh criticism for the story’s repression and censorship. White House spokeswoman Kaleigh McEnany’s account was locked after she tweeted about the story, according to Taibbi, which sparked a furious letter from a member of the Trump campaign, Mike Hahn.


Caroline Strom, a Twitter public policy executive, expressed some concern about the post’s censorship and the circumstances surrounding it. Caroline Strom to ask politely “WTF?”, Taibbi tweeted. There was conflict between the safety and trust teams and the communications and policy teams, who had little to no control over moderation, according to a number of employees.


In response to Strom’s remark, the Twitter policy team stated that the story violated the company’s “hacked materials” policy. According to Taibbi, decisions were made at the highest levels of the organisation without the former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, knowing about them. The former head of legal, policy, and trust, Vijaya Gadde, played a key role in the decision, according to what he wrote: “The decision was made at the highest levels of the company, but without the knowledge of CEO Jack Dorsey.”,

Even a former worker who was quoted by Taibbi as saying, “They just freelanced it. The justification was hacking, but after a few hours, almost everyone realised that wasn’t going to work. However, no one had the guts to undo it.

Roth’s justification for the censorship and suppression of the post is revealed in a different screencap. Roth allegedly stated in one of the conversations that Taibbi leaked, “The policy basis is hacked materials, though, as discussed, this is an emerging situation where the facts are still hazy. We’re erring on the side of caution and preventing this content from being amplified because of the SEVERE risks involved here and the lessons we learned from 2016.

The entire thread also contains emails and messages from US politicians worried about the state of “free-speech” and the level of power held by “big tech” companies, warning that “the government may need to intervene.”

Elon Musk replied to the entire thread by using the term “Handled,” which is what Twitter staffers use to describe removing some posts. According to Musk, this is not the end of the Twitter Files. The Twitter Files Part 2 will be available tomorrow.

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