Camel Flu is becoming a threat to FIFA World Cup

Camel Flu is becoming a threat to FIFA World Cup

Camel Flu
Camel Flu


The destruction of Kovid shook the world. This virus has infected millions of individuals. Thousands of people died. Since Kovid, new viruses have emerged. A new virus has now surfaced, giving the scientist headaches. In Qatar, the FIFA World Cup is being organised. The risk of it spreading from this nation to the entire world exists. Tell us what this virus is and why Qatar and FIFA World are causing the world to be so concerned about its spread.



Why the threat from Qatar?

According to doctors, Qatar is a desert region. There are a lot of camels in this area. Only camels are affected by this virus. Only camels are where this virus spreads to humans. In Qatar, the FIFA World Cup is being organised. The World Cup is being watched by people from all over the world. Camels would be touched and ridden by people. This virus can infect people directly in such an environment. It is forbidden to touch camels while on safaris or rides in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup.



what are its symptoms

As soon as they come into contact with this virus that spreads from person to person, a variety of symptoms start to manifest. Breathing becomes challenging. Fever, a dry cough, and a worsening sore throat may be present. If the condition gets worse, pneumonia might appear. Some people experience diarrhoea and stomach issues. Hospitalization results from this. It can even result in death in some extreme cases.

The Mars Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is another name for this virus that is widely known. In the year 2012, this virus first appeared in Saudi Arabia and later spread to other Middle Eastern nations. This virus only affects members of the Corona family. According to doctors, people must be vigilant. If someone is travelling from a Middle Eastern country, they must first get an RTPCR test for Covid. When symptoms such as a cough, fever, cold, or sore throat are present, an investigation should be carried out right away.



What should visitors to Qatar be wary of?

Tourism organisations in Qatar promote camel rides and safari vacations. However, visitors to the host country have been warned to refrain from petting dromedary camels.


Experts have cautioned against consuming undercooked meat or drinking raw camel milk or urine. Visitors to the tournament should be current on routine vaccinations and follow the guidelines for safe food and beverage consumption, the study advised, in order to reduce the risks mentioned above.

It stated that while Qatar had prepared its healthcare system for camel flu outbreaks, ongoing surveillance was still necessary to halt the spread of the illness.

Researchers claim that the large crowd at the FIFA World Cup 2022 could expose players, spectators, locals, and the nations where the team is from to infectious disease risks. The WHO does not recommend implementing any trade, travel, or entrance screening measures related to MERS-CoV, according to Livemint.



This identification of camel flu as ‘Mers’

The MERS virus, which also causes camel flu (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). 2012 saw the initial discovery of the virus in Saudi Arabia. Then, the camel flu spread to nations in the Middle East. People are urged to be cautious due to the threat posed by this virus. A covid RTPCR test is necessary before travel if the person is from a Middle Eastern nation. Get checked out as soon as symptoms like a cough, fever, cold, or sore throat appear.



WHO cautioned about camel flu

This is something that the World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned about. Experts from the WHO believe that MERS, also known as camel flu, may be spreading throughout the Middle East. Furthermore, there is concern that this flu will spread from Qatar to the rest of the world. It is feared that in such a scenario, if camel flu spreads to Qatar, it will resemble an epidemic similar to Corona.

According to a report by New Microbes and New Infections General, the risk of illnesses like Corona and monkeypox has not yet subsided. But the FIFA World Cup, which will draw millions of visitors, is being held in Qatar. In such a scenario, Qatar may be at an increased risk of contracting camel flu, which could also spread to other nations.


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