Billie Eilish Declares She’s Pulled Off The “Hottest F*cking F*cker Alive” As She Brags About Her Romance With Jesse Rutherford!

 Billie Eilish Declares She’s Pulled Off The “Hottest F*cking F*cker Alive” As She Brags About Her Romance With Jesse Rutherford!

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish

With regard to her relationship with Jesse Rutherford, Billie Eilish finally spoke out. The two musicians first made headlines in October when they were photographed together. Both were photographed holding hands, which led fans to believe that they were developing feelings for one another. However, numerous people also brought up their vast age differences.


The neighbourhood resident is 31 years old, whereas Billie is 20. The two were spotted kissing in public, which appeared to confirm the dating rumours. Later, at the 11th Annual LACMA Art + Film Gala, the rockstar and the singer of “Happier Than Ever” made their official red carpet entrance as a couple.


Billie Eilish recently revealed her relationship with Jesse Rutherford and boasted about how she “pulled” him. The seven-time Grammy winner confirmed to Vanity Fair that she does have a boyfriend and that they are “really happy” together. “I do, yes. And it’s really cool. I’m also really happy and excited about it, Eilish said.


Billie Eilish stated, “I managed to work my way to a point in my life, a point in my life where I not only was known by a person that I thought was the hottest f*cking f*cker alive but pulled his *ss. “Are you serious? Jesse Rutherford, everyone, can we just have a round of applause for me?” she added. I grabbed his butt. entire me That’s what I did. I restrained that motherfucker.

The 11-year age difference between the two was previously discussed with HollywoodLife by a source close to the bad guy singer. According to the insider, they “really don’t care at all.” They also mentioned that Billie and Jesse had been friends for a long time despite only recently beginning a relationship.


According to the source, the singer is therefore at ease around Rutherford. It’s also been reported that Finneas, Billie Eilish’s brother, approves of their relationship.




Billie Eilish brags that she ‘pulled’ boyfriend Jesse Rutherford and calls him the ‘hottest’ person ‘alive’

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish


Eilish responded when asked if she has a boyfriend, “I do, indeed. And it’s really awesome, and I’m really happy and excited about it.”

The musician continued, “I’ve long admired Rutherford, and I’m proud that he even knows who I am.”


Eilish bowed briefly before continuing, “Everyone, Jesse Rutherford. I grabbed his behind. All me. That’s what I did. I restrained that motherfucker.”

I was able to advance in my life to the point where I not only pulled his ass but was also known by the person I considered to be the hottest fucking fucker alive, she claimed. “Are you serious? Please give me a round of applause.”


She continued by describing what makes her happy in a relationship and said that physical touch is her preferred form of communication.


“I simply have to constantly touch skin. hugging, touching, and cuddling “She spoke. “Other than that, freedom is nice. I reject being in charge. I want to be believed, to be given room to breathe, and to receive love and consideration. Equal admiration is also very significant. Simply put, both this person and I are very inspirational.

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