Avatar 2 vs Marvel: James Cameron mocks Avengers Endgame’s VFX, says not even close The Way of Water

Avatar 2 vs Marvel: James Cameron mocks Avengers Endgame’s VFX, says not even close The Way of Water

Avatar 2 vs Marvel
Avatar 2 vs Marvel


As the premiere of James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water approaches, comparisons between Avatar and Marvel have become more frequent. The director recently discussed the comparisons in an interview with a media outlet. Give me a break, he said, mocking the Marvel movies as he compared the visual effects of the two movies. He continued by saying that the visual effects in Avatar 2 are far superior to those in superhero movies.avatar 2 vs Marvel

Cameron acknowledged that the standard for film visual effects has increased, but he insisted that Marvel’s effects cannot be compared to those in his movies. Comicbook said Cameron “The best is Weta Effects, as it is now known. Right? I mean, ILM does fantastic work, but with the type of expressive facial work we’re doing, I mean, Thanos? Let’s go. I need a break “said Cameron. “You watched this latest Avatar film. It’s a long way off.”

James Cameron has previously criticised superhero movies. The seasoned director had previously criticised how characters in superhero movies from Marvel and DC Studios developed, adding that “that’s not the way to make movies.” The director claimed that the protagonists of his upcoming science-fiction adventure film “Avatar: The Way of Water,” Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri, demonstrate the lack of maturity in the characters from these tentpole franchises (Zoe Saldana).

Jake and Neytiri will go to great lengths in “The Way of Water,” the 2009 sequel to “Avatar,” to protect their family.

The renowned director used Marvel and DC as examples and claimed that the characters in the blockbuster movies produced by these studios “don’t experience” relationships in the true sense.

No matter how old the characters are in these big, spectacular movies—I’m looking at you, Marvel and DC—they all act like they’re in college. Although they claim to have relationships, they don’t. Because of their children, they never hang up their spurs. The things that actually give us a sense of purpose, power, and love? I don’t think that’s how to make movies, because those characters don’t go through it,” he had previously stated.

In the past, non-genre filmmakers like Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese have criticised superhero movies, calling them despicable and theme parks, respectively.





Avatar: The Way Of Water sells over 4 lakh tickets worth Rs 16 crore for the opening weekend

Avatar: The Way of Water, directed by James Cameron, will be released in less than a week, and tickets are flying off the shelves. For its first day, the eagerly anticipated Avatar sequel sold about 2 lakh tickets, bringing in a total of Rs 7 crore across all of India. The film hopes to make one of the biggest advances ever during the next six days of release, competing with titles like Avengers: End Game, KGF 2, and Bahubali 2. The three national chains, PVR, Inox, and Cinepolis, have racked up an advance of roughly 1.20 lakh of the 2 lakh tickets already sold.

Avatar 2 has already made some of the biggest gains in the three chains for a movie in 2022, and it will soon begin to compete with Brahmastra, KGF 2, and Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness. Avatar: The Way of Water has sold about 4.10 lakh tickets during its opening weekend, and this number is quickly approaching the 5 lakh mark. Avatar: The Way of Water made about Rs 16 crore over the weekend. Over 2.70 lakh of the 4.10 lakh tickets were sold by the movie in just the three national chains.

For Avatar: The Way of Water in India, the pre-sales up until this point have set up a fantastic foundation. Now, it’s all about going big in the final six days of advance booking to put a start of Rs 50 crore well within its reach. Spiderman: No Way Home had approximately 5 lakh tickets sold in the three national chains, while Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness had approximately 3.80 lakh tickets sold on the first day. Avatar 2 will aim to outperform both of its predecessors, if not comfortably surpass them. Avatar’s final pre-sales could result in a weekend gross of between Rs 45 and Rs 80 crore.


Avatar to compete with Avengers

With an All-India Gross Advance of Rs 80 crore, Avengers: End Game currently holds the record for the largest pre-sales of all time. Avatar 2 will aim to overtake it with sales of about Rs 60 crore for the weekend at the all-India level. For those who don’t know, Spiderman: No Way Home currently holds the second-largest advance position after clocking a weekend advance of more than Rs 40 crore.

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